Themes of the papers/posters to be submitted


  • Dental pulp (Pulp biology, Vital pulp therapy, Tooth and root canal anatomy, Regenerative endodontics)
  • Diseases of the pulp & Periapical tissues
  • Pulp space access (Pre-endodontic preparation including local anaesthetic and pain management, access cavity preparation & working length)
  • Endodontic Instrumentation (shaping ability, centering ability, fatigue & torsional studies, Apical debris extrusion, Instrument retrieval)
  • Endodontic irrigants / Disinfection (Dentin disinfection, root dentin changes)
  • Endondontic microbiology & Biofilm
  • Endodontic Obturation (sealers, obturation materials and techniques)
  • Post-endodontic restoration & Endodontic retreatment
  • Endodontic surgery & Traumatic injuries
  • Miscellaneous (Interdisciplinary treatment approach, Biomaterials, Cracks and fractures, Perforation repair & others that do not fall in the above mentioned)

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