OYO Hotels

Premium Budget Room Accommodation

12th IFEA World Endodontic Congress also has a partnership with OYO Hotels to provide premium and budget rooms in single, double or triple occupancy category.

These are discounted rates applicable exclusively for the IFEA 12th World Endodontic Congress. Interested delegates and students can avail the accommodation from the following OYO hotel properties.

S.NO Hotels Category Availability Distance from venue Single occupancy Double occupancy Triple occupancy
1 OYO Townhouse 305 Ashok Nagar Premium 30 rooms 9 KM INR 2200 INR 2500 INR 3000
2 Collection O 39209 Cine City Premium 20 rooms 11 KM INR 2200 INR 2500 INR 3000
3 Collection O 50248 Sathyamurthy Nagar Habibullah Rd Premium 14 rooms 13 KM INR 1700 INR 2000 INR 2400
4 SilverKey Executive Stays 43874 34th Street Premium 24 rooms 12 KM INR 1600 INR 1800 NA
5 Capital O 67653 Bkr Grand Hotel Premium 70 rooms 9 KM INR 1800 INR 2160 INR 2500
6 OYO Townhouse 056 T Nagar Chennai Premium 47 rooms 10 KM INR 2200 INR 2600 INR 3200
7 OYO Townhouse 305 Ashok Nagar Premium 30 rooms 9 KM INR 2200 INR 2500 INR 3000

Please quote the code “IFEA World Endo Congress” during the booking. Every OYO property has a 24x7 available OYO Captain who ensures smooth stays. Besides the captain, Mr AMIT VIKRAM will be taking care of all OYO accommodation related responsibilities. For any further queries please contact us on:info@ifea2020india.com.

Delegates and students who are interested to book in any of the above properties need to contact OYO Customer Executive

Mr. Amit Vikram
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