FAQ for the preliminary online scientific presentations

1. What are the dates of online scientific presentation?
The dates are 31st July and 1st August 2021.

2. Can I skip the online presentation, instead choose the present at the online - main conference?
All presenters with an accepted abstract have to first make an online presentation. The best presentations in each session will be invited to present at the main conference.

3. Will the best presentation receive awards for preliminary online presentations?
Best presentations in each session will be awarded certificates in all categories.

4. Can I request for time change in my presentation time slot?
Request for time slot change in presentation schedule is highly discouraged.

FAQ for the online main conference scientific presentations

1. What are the dates of online - main conference scientific presentation?
The dates are 12th to 14th August 2021.

2. Who will present at online - main conference?
The best presentations shortlisted from the first round of preliminary online scientific presentations will be invited to present at the online main conference.

3. Will the best presentation receive awards for online presentations?
Overall bests scientific presentations will be awarded in both student and delegate categories.

FAQ for the scientific submission process

1. What are the languages in which an abstract could be submitted?
English is the official and only language for the 12th IFEA WEC, 202ONE.

2. When is the last date for abstract submission?
The last date for abstract submission is 30th June 2021.

3. Can I submit the abstract prior to conference registration?
Yes, you can submit an abstract prior to the conference registration. However you need to create a user id and password for submission of abstract and the same must be used for conference registration at a later date. There is adequate time from the last date of abstract submission to the last date for Early Bird registration. However, conference registration is MANDATORY for presentation at the conference. Click here for more details on important dates.

4. Can my co-author present if I am unable to attend the conference after registration?
Only the Presenters are allowed to make the scientific presentations. Individuals listed as presenters must make their presentation at the time of the conference. Accepted abstracts that are not presented in the conference will not appear in the e-journal abstract.

5. Is a review topic allowed for scientific presentation?
Yes, Review topics are allowed in both categories.

6. How many abstracts can I submit?
Each presenter is allowed only ONE abstract that can be submitted to any one of the 2 categories. However, they can be co-authors in any number of submissions.

7. When will I get a confirmation on acceptance of my abstract?
You will receive the confirmation of your abstract acceptance on or before 15th July 2021.

8. Am I allowed to change my presentation date?
No. You will not be able to change your presentation date as all the sessions are classified according to specific themes.

9. Can I change my presentation category once my abstract is accepted?
No. You will not be able to change the presentation category after you complete the abstract submission or after acceptance. All changes to the abstract have to be made PRIOR to submitting the same to the scientific committee.

10. Can I withdraw my abstract if I do not want to present?
Yes. You can withdraw your submission at any stage until 15th July 2021. However, withdrawn abstract will not feature in the e-journal abstracts. You cannot re-submit another abstract in this place.Kindly mail us for withdrawal of abstracts: ifea2020india_scientific@iceindia.in

11. Can I re-submit a rejected abstract with corrections?
No. You will not be allowed to re-submit a rejected abstract.

12. Can I still attend the conference if my abstract is rejected?
Yes. You can attend the conference even if your abstract is not accepted.

13. Can I access the reviewer comments for my abstract?
No. The review process is peer-blinded.

14. How many presenters are allowed for an abstract?
Only TWO presenters are allowed per presentation.

15. Will I be refunded if I am not able to attend/present?
There is a 50% refund on the full registration fees till May 31st 2021. Kindly look into registration guidelines for cancellation/refund policy.

16. Can I present live at the conference instead of sending a recorded presentation?
Live presentations are NOT provisioned at the conference.

17. Whom do I contact if I am facing technical issues with the site?
For further assistance, kindly e-mail your queries ifea2020india_scientific@iceindia.in

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